Monday, July 26, 2010

Lingerie in the back yard? But what about your neighbors!?

Ok, here is just a small peek at the behind the scenes. I did a lingerie shoot in my back yard a few months ago. (Thank you Brittney for being so awesome. It was blazin' hot that day!) Here is a pic of the set-up.
It's three pieces of plywood painted white. The third is for the floor. I used my background stand to hang these white curtains. It was, I don't know about one or so in the afternoon, so the sun was pretty high. I used a single monolight front and center on the model. It's a small budget light I got from, only about 100 watts. Here is the final result:

Not too bad for my backyard.

My new direction

So, lately I've been looking for that niche that fits me and I tell you, I just may have found it. It's that gray area right between glamour and fashion. Here are some images from the more recent shoots I have done. We'll see how it goes.