Monday, December 12, 2011

All about state of mind

With every artist, their work will usually reflect their state of mind, at least at the time they create. I'm pretty sure that's universal. You get to express what you can't quite vocalize to others in a way they'll hopefully understand. It puts a piece of you in everything you do. Yeah, you can take pictures or paint, or dance just to do it, but when you feel something as you're doing, it makes the experience that much richer. So anyway, on to my point. I came up with the idea of this shoot when I was in a somewhat introspective mood. I called it 'The Edge of the World'. I couldn't have found a better model to portray what I envisioned for this shoot than Ariana. I mean, the energy of this girl is amazing. the way she moves, her daring, it all helped bring this shoot to life for me. I'm so happy and excited for what we created. Here are my favorite images from the shoot. Stay tuned for the short film we created for the shoot. Big shouts out to Mike Van Every for directing and shooting it.