Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Oh I love learning new tricks!

So I have a page where I like to share some of the many things I've found around the web that have helped me in my photography journey. A page where I give mofos their shine so to speak. I didn't go to school for photography, so a lot of what I learned has come from books, websites, and blogs. I'd pick up a little bit of info here, a new trick there, and have piece together everything into a style that's finally starting to come together for me. Every now and then I get into a rut or a sort of stalemate, so I like to scour the web for new ways to edit, and new techniques. I found a great photoshop expert on one of my many forays through YouTube. Here is a link to her page and a couple of tutorials that she posted:


I found an editorial for a really cool editing trick that I'd actually wanted to try for a while now. Here are some of the shots from the shoot. It was all done with natural lighting, using the white filter that's part of my five in one reflector to tone down the sunlight. (Thanks Sherry for the assist! lol) I really love the result. Make-up was done by Sherry Restifo, and Makayla is the model.