Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Family Treasures

Ahh, the pleasures of family treasures. When my family realized I was serious about photography, the random, unusual and mostly awesome little presents started. A hat here, a piece of jewelry they found at a thrift store, or little small nonsenses that you find at garage sales. I got them. I loved them, and much to my husband's chagrin, I've kept the majority of them. My dad is great about finding small treasures while he's out 'garaging' (his term for going to garage sales) and giving them to me when I go to Georgia to visit. They've been featured in a many of my photoshoots. But, my all time favorite gift or treasure my dad has found, is definitely a camcorder he found at a garage sale that has to be from the seventies. LMAO, ok, maybe not the seventies, I'm not even sure when they started making hand held cameras. As a matter of fact this thing is so huge, I'm pretty sure it couldn't have been hand held. I love it! Recently I posted on my facebook that I was in the mood to shoot and Shelby graciously answered and said she was down. Well, I absolutely love last minute, out of the blue shoots. It gives me a chance to be creative and a little whimsical. Sometimes I see something during the day that inspires me, and this was one of those days. Any who, she came over and I finally had an idea for the camera my dad gave me. The resulting shoot is called 'Live Feed'. Here are some of the images from that shoot, as well as some of the other treasures I've received from my family.

Here are some other images of the various things my dad bought for me 'garaging'. :)
The veil in the front, is one of my family treasures.
The round glass dome was from a light fixture my dad found. Loved it. Probably will have other uses for it as well.