Thursday, February 13, 2014

BTS: Sheridan

It's been a while since I've blogged......*shrugs* no excuse. This year, I'll be a little better about it. (fingers crossed) I plan to focus more on staging. I live in a small house, and between mommy duties and car issues, I've been pretty much confined to my house. But, I've said this before, I never let it stop the ideas flowing in my head. So since I don't have a huge garden in my back yard, or anywhere near my house I decided to make one. least the illusion of one.

So materials I used:
 Flowers: I went to the dollar store, because they have really cute flowers that change color with every season. And I can buy a ton without putting a dent in my pocket.
Something to attach the flowers to. In this case I used insulation I picked up from Home depot last year for some other crazy idea.
 I cute the ends off of the flowers. This enabled me to insert them into the insulation one at a time.

 This is how it looks once the flowers are installed. Keep in mind I shoot beauty, so I only needed it to cover from head to about mid-torso.

It was easy to do, and the flowers photographed beautifully. I added fog hoping to add a little edge of fantasy to the images. Below are a couple of pics of the final outcome as well as a behind the scenes video. I had a great team for this shoot, thank you so much ladies for your patience. And thank you Wislynn for shooting the behind the scenes video for me.