Behind the scenes


I'm determined to be more visible this year and in that effort and towards that goal, I promised myself I'd keep better track of my blog. Well, we'll see how that goes. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm absent minded. lol. So welcome to behind the scenes of Oh Snap Studios.

9/8/11 All in the Attitude
So a few weeks ago I got together with AnaMary Valdes for a beauty story that I call Roxanne Roxanne.   Check the main page for the shots and story on that. Here are some behind the scenes shots from our shoot. Fun!

8/13/11 Bling Bling
Today I got to play with jewelry from the fabulous Otazu. Talk about being distracted by shiny objects. It was amazing! I worked with model: Felicia Postell and MUA Chantel Hyden, and Hair was done by Hope Shoemaker. There was so much to choose from. It was daunting. But if ever there was a problem on a shoot, choosing which gorgeous necklace to shoot is a problem I love having. :) Here are some behind the scenes from today's shoot. Stay tuned for the edited shots.

7/31/11 Tribal never tasted so good:

So today, I finally got to do the candy shoot I've been crazy anxious to do. It's tribal themed and was so much fun to shoot. Jathaniel had the ethnic look that I envisioned in my head, and Chantel, of course, brought the image to life in some really surprising ways.    So with our bucket full of candy, we set out to turn Jathaniel into a warrior. Looking through the film, I'm so excited, and I'm very much looking forward to editing these. I'll post the shots up as soon as I'm done editing!

Totally transforms hair of any color to white! A great trick.

She's small but she packs a punch. lol

3/2/11 Return of the Mickey Mouse helmet

 So this past Saturday, we headed downtown for one last military inspired shoot. We brought back out our favorite mickey mouse helmet, joined by a few new friends and recruited Model Sony Olivea for the gig. We also had Janelle Lafond join to help with the styling. I had these swimsuits from LuJeanik, that I loved as soon as I saw them on the runway. We chose the downtown location because I wanted something stark, and a setting that wouldn't detract from neither the swimsuits nor the helmets. The submission call asks that the shots be in black in white, which really appealed to me. The lines of the hats, and the swimsuits would be be all the more striking in black in white. I chose the middle of the day 'cause I wanted the sun really high. I was hoping for dynamic shadows. *sigh* misjudged just a teensy bit on that, but I'm satisfied with the finish product. The stairs were very white, and the sun was very bright, so if nothing else, I got some high contrast images. :) The bad part about it was that I did not compensate for the way the light would strike the white stairs. So in the end after editing the shots, I completely lost the stairs. So chalking this one up as a definite learning experience. The shots came out totally different than I envisioned, but they came out edgy. In my head I wanted to tell the story of a lonely soldier sort of on duty, guarding her territory, and I think that really came across. By the time I edited the shots and changed them to black and white, it looks just that. Very lonely, stark and it's just that model against the world. The looks went from a green soldier on duty, a little optimistic about what she's doing, and progressed with that soldier getting a little harder, a little edgier, no longer naive about the world, to the last look, to me which represented a weary warrior at the end of battle. Mind you this is all metaphorical, lmao, I mean really, she's in a swimsuit, so you may not see the progression as I did, but the story is still the same regardless of what she wore. We started, skimpy, happy, and progressed to covered, tired, and battle scarred. :) I loved every moment of it. Now, alls I gotta do is, say a prayer and cross my fingers that the submission is accepted. In the meantime, enjoy the messiness that goes on behind the scenes. lol

1/9/11 Obsessed

Yesterday I put on my stalker hat and followed a model around downtown Tampa. No...really...I totally stalked Andrea. ;) It was loads of fun and she was a great sport about it, regardless of how many times she was forced to cross the same street. Ha ha, thanks Andrea! The premise of the shoot is going to be for my dangerously in love series. I've talked about it, I want it to be a look at the passion and obsession some people equate with love. In this instance, I tried to make it look like a great fashion story as well. We started the afternoon making sure we liked the wardrobe. Great job from my partner Reece with styling, we work so well together. I included a pic of him doing make-up as well. Go team Revolution! Here are some shots of us tackling wardrobe:

The stunning male behind her on the phone is my ever patient husband. LOL. 

Below are some shots we took on streets. Just a sneak peak of some of our candid moments. We did a couple of shots in front of the Tampa Theater and of course it was minutes before a movie let out. To say we got some strange looks is putting it mildly. LMAO. It could have been me sitting in the middle of the sidewalk that looked strange.  The whole shoot had to appear as though I was stalking her, and I'm pretty sure by hiding behind random trees and stairs that I convinced some folks that I was indeed stalking her.  I'll post the edited pics on the main page when I'm done. I'm thinking of submitting these to a couple of online magazines. I'll search around and see what I find. I think that's the hardest part. I struggle with networking and putting myself out there. I plan to work fervidly on it this year. I'm just going to have to get over my fear and do it. Crossing my fingers. ;)

Reece and Andrea setting up the shots.