Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Celebrating Spring

So this past weekend, one of the models I've worked with called and asked for a favor. The photographer scheduled to do a lifestyle shoot canceled and she needed a photographer. I'm not much of a lifestyle person, one: I never quite get all the smiling, and two: it never really interested me. There is an art form to every type of photography and so I leave lifestyle to the photographers who are good at it. I mean, sure a pastry chef knows how to make lasagna, but really, wouldn't you rather have their fantastic cupcakes? I think in terms of fashion and beauty so the pictures in my head reflect that. But, I thought I'd give it the old college try. Well, I got some pretty good shots, but inevitably my favorite shots turned out to look more fashion than lifestyle. It looks like an ad campaign, and I absolutely love how whimsical and romantic the images are. Chris, Jennifer's boyfriend, has a fantastic backyard. His neighbor has a jasmine growing along the fence and it spills over onto their side creating a beautiful setting for my shots.Because of the time of day, the sun was especially harsh and turned out to be a lighting nightmare. To combat it, I put the model in front of the sun, and shot into the light, creating a gorgeous halo that softened the images. Make-up and hair was done by Christie Burton, she really did a great job.  Here are my favorite shots:

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