Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My trip into the fairy tale woods...just a warning, they're full of mosquitoes.

So today I took a trip to the Sunken Gardens in St. Petersburg for fairy tale like shoot. I bought a donkey mask a while ago for a shoot and didn't get to use it. I finally got a chance to today. I wanted to do a modern day spin on the beauty and the beast. I had it planned out. There would be flowers and this crazy romantic and ethereal vibe. Instead, we got mosquitoes from HELL!! Add the humid heat and it was a recipe for disaster. Luckily for me everyone in our party kept in good spirits and made a day that could have miserable, pretty fun. :) I'm about five pounds lighter, and sporting a few bites, but I really love the shots and that pretty much made it worth it. :) Shout out to Chantel, Elinka and Jathaniel, along with my hubby for being so awesome and such a good sport. I'm sure after a good soak in Benadryl, we'll all feel better. LMAO! Here are my favorite images from the shoot:

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