Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I can finally post some work that I was waiting to get word on regarding submission. I'm so impatiant, lol. Abbey, T Rob and I worked on these a while ago. One of the pics was accepted for Styleology (www.styleologymag.com) It was in their pink issue. I finally have a moment to sit and post the images on my blog. Took my mother-in-law and I hours to figure out how to put the background together. I bought some flowers and had to find a way to bunch together in a way that made it look as though she was laying in a ton of flowers. (Esp since I bought no where near a ton. More like 10-15 bunches. lol) Plus it had to photograph well and not look cheesy. Next was the figuring out the lighting. Many hours and countless shifts in the lights later I found a spot that I loved and really like how these came out. I named the editorial 'Blush' because everything had very light pink undertones, and I wanted everything pale. Had a conversation with Abbey during the shoot that gave me an idea to change her hair color. Thanks for that Abbey!  Here are the shots:

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