Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bts with Kayla

 I had a very fun test shoot with Kayla and T Rob the other day. It was one of those shoots where I saw a video and got inspiration. This blog post was supposed to be a simple behind the scenes look, but it reminded me that I intended to do a few blog posts on staging.This shoot is a simple example of staging. I'm a firm believer of working through your circumstances. Especially when you're first starting. Regardless of the size of your budget staging allows you to shoot beyond your space. Any one who has been to my house knows how small my living room is. It's never stopped me from shooting, and I refuse to let it limit what I can shoot. A good portion of my portfolio was shot in my living room or around my house. It's an unspoken rule that anything in and around my house can and will be used as props. :)  I'm a beauty photographer, so I don't need a lot of real estate to shoot. My sets are generally not too elaborate and can be on a small scale. But with some creativity, some odds and ends from the craft store and determination you can transform any size space into what you need.   For this particular shoot, I started with four poster boards and some crayons. See below, my lovely American flag I made. According to my husband even though I was doing it with crayon I couldn't half-ass it, so even though it's cut off in the picture there are fifty doggone stars and 13 stripes. :)

Here is what I did with a little, well...a lot of help from photoshop to bring out the color of my flag.

Here are some behind the scenes pictures from our shoot as well as more final images. I'm obsessed with these images.

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