Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Art of Paper

The art of paper is a new personal project of mine. It's going to be a fun project featuring different paper cut outs. I'm so excited. Light-hearted and fun, yep that's me. The whole thing was inspired by a shoot I did with one of my favorite models, Marissa Nguyen. I wanted to do lingerie, but something with a soft and sensual tone. We staged my 'bedroom' for the shoot but it was missing something. My partner Reece and I decided to cut out paper hearts and hang them from the cieling. This immediately gave the whole scene an airy, and beautiful tone. I set up my curtains with one monolight behind it, to the right of the model. I'd hoped to give the scene a feel of sunlight streaming through a window. I set up my mainlight directly in front of the model to light the rest of the area. In the end, I hoped to accomplish, a twenty something woman, in her room on a bright and sunny morning. This brings me to another topic: staging. It's so important to the thrifty photographer. When you're doing TF props, wardrobe, make-up and such can get expensive. Especially in the race for almighty publication, everything has to be just right, and has to look well put together. To stage my 'bedroom' I used a large sofa cushion and a white sheet. I surrounded the area with curtains to give myself more area to shoot. I didn't want to catch any of my kitchen in my shots. lol. Any way. Here is a shot of the staging area, along with the edited shots of the shoot I called 'Paper Hearts'. I ended up using the shots for my valentines advertising. Enjoy!

Model: Marissa Nguyen

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