Sunday, January 16, 2011

Operation Organization

So this year, I'm striving to be more organized. My mother in law tells me all the time that getting organized will help me reach the goals I set. Well, this year Mema, I'm listening. LOL. We have an office in my house we don't use due to the size. I mean really, you can barely get anything in here. :) Well, in my old haphazard throw everything everywhere way, you can never get anything in here. Now that I'm more organized, I realized I could fit quite a bit in there. Even more awesome, I can put a futon in there and now I'll have a place to put guests, other than my sofa. I know, contain your excitement about a possible lumpy/hard futon mattress, but I promise to find a comfortable one.It's now officially a make-up room/office. Reece and I can do make-up and hair in here, and then in between times, I can set up my table and do my editing, writing, miscellaneous craft projects. And here's the amazing part: my crap isn't scattered everywhere! *Gasp* I could actually find my supplies, my combs, make-up etc, without it being a major production. lol. Those who don't know me, don't realize what a feat this is. I lose everything! At least twice during a shoot I'll have to ask out loud where my camera is. I tend to set it down to fix something and forget where I put it. Yep, I'm that absent minded. You know, shiny objects and all that. :) So anyway,  back to the point. My office is completed. I painted, rearranged some furniture, put up some mirrors, (Okay my husband actually put the mirrors up,) and generally made a better use of the space. Et voila, an efficient office. I have all the items in our kit in drawers, our wardrobe hanging, and a place for people to actually sit. It's great. Now Reece and I will be able to brainstorm without all the extra distractions. I'm excited. I put a dream and inspiration board to further organize my thoughts, and to give me something physical to look at that will keep me on track.  This year I plan to make great strides in my career, and I'm hoping a better organized space will make it happen. Wish me luck.

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  1. I personally love the wall hangings! The mirrors and cork board especially! ~Hubs~