Saturday, February 5, 2011

Distant Obsession

Here is a look at the finished shots from my January behind the scenes post. Andrea did a great job. Looking at the images now, I've decided to do a new series. (If you're wondering, I've become obsessed with collections and series.) Anyway, I really liked the style I shot this editiorial in, so I'm thinking about doing a whole series of editorials in the style of an observer. No poses, just very candid and hopefully raw shots. the shoot I have planned is tentatively titled 'Enchanted'. I'm really excited about it. I'm still planning wardrobe for it and planning the images I want. During my winter break I've realized that if I want the shots to look like they are in my head, I have to really plan the looks out. I normally don't like to coach model, I sometimes find that it inhibits their natural movements and sometimes forces them into poses that don't look fluid. But the problem I've had is getting models out of posing and just moving. So with this series, I plan to work more on meticulously setting up my shots without losing the naturalness and fluidity. We'll see how it goes. But any who, sorry for the tangent, here are the images from Distant Obsession.

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