Saturday, February 19, 2011

The miracle of accidents

There is nothing more frustrating than having plans go awry. There are those times when nothing goes right, one thing after the other is getting mixed up,  and then something magical happens. That's what happened today. I planned out this elaborate shoot for a magazine submission I wanted to do. It had an entire story line, wardrobe planned out and then...chaos. LOL. The model's car had troubles, we ended up nearly an hour off schedule, the lighting was off and then I just couldn't make the wardrobe fit with the vision in my head.  I was panicking inside about not getting the shots I needed, and my instincts were screaming for me to just go a whole different direction. I had to stop, calm myself and just listen to what my heart and eyes were trying to tell my head. And then, that's when everything started going right. Cristin started moving, the wind blew her hair around, and all of a sudden, the editorial was the last thing on my mind.  It's weird to say that inspiration struck, but really, that's how it felt. I no longer wanted to shoot 'Enchanted', but wanted instead to focus on her face. Cristin is one of the most expressive models I've had the pleasure to work with. So I scratched the video that I'd planned for weeks, nixed the wardrobe we put together and scrubbed her face of everything but a trace amount of make-up and started shooting. What we ended up with were shots that I'm in love with and an editorial that Reece and I decided to call 'Summer Winds.' The whole thing was really an accident and the result of a series of calamities. lol. The moral of this story is two sided, for photographers, don't force it. For models, be ready for anything. :) Thanks so much Cristin for putting up with the change of plans and really, thank you for feeding the muse. ;)  Here are my shots from 'Summer Winds'