Friday, September 16, 2011

Thoughts of an Insomniac

Every week, at least once a week, I sit down, play music and tune out the world. Every now and then I surface from my dreamworld to write down a title. After a few hours, I have five or six titles. Once the titles are there, pictures bloom in my head. I think about what pictures best bring that title to life. For those who wonder at my process and wonder how I come up with shoots, there it is. :) Anyway, when those pictures come to me, sometimes, well, oftentimes, the model is doing something. She's moving. And sometimes it would frustrate me if I couldn't convey that motion. Since my first motion editorial with Becca, I started to think of those titles that I haven't shot yet. And there are a few, and oh boy am I excited. Most of my titles are built around still images, but for that small amount I could never get out, I finally have an outlet. 'Thoughts of an Insomniac' was one of those titles. In my head I saw the model pacing, I saw her dancing around to relieve the boredom and I didn't know how I would capture that. Thanks to Gina and Chantel, I decided to just go for it and shoot the motion editorial. Man am I happy I did. It feels so awesome when what you have in your head is exactly what you get. :) Take a look at my new editorial titled 'Thoughts of an Insomniac'.

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