Thursday, September 8, 2011

Roxanne, Roxanne

Meet Roxanne. Roxanne is that woman in the neighborhood, the 'ride or die chick'. I like to call her a classy shit-talker. She's gritty when she needs to be, but with a few swipes of make-up can be that woman you would be proud to have on your arm. Men love her, women envy her swag. This beauty story was fun for me, it's a bit of an urban story. Gina brought the attitude and Anamary brought to life the make-up that told both sides of Roxanne's personality. Clean with a punch of color to drive home just how vivacious she is, the makeup said it all. It was a pleasure shooting this  and that all goes to Gina. Watching her move and pose really wrote the story for me. I went through the film with my husband and as I'm thinking aloud about what her body language was saying, he came up with the title. He started singing 'Roxanne, Roxanne' and it clicked. I'm currently obsessed with beauty shots, and these are some of my favs this year.

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