Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sol Mate

I'm excited to finally be able to share another of my favorite editorials this year with you. It features Roarie Yum again, (who I am currently obsessed with) and make-up was done by MUA: Elayna Bachman. It was featured in Andivero's second issue which came out this month. You can check it out here: I called it Sol Mate, our vision was a woman who worshiped the sun much to her detriment. We wanted to do these really gnarly tan lines to show how long she would bathe in the sun. Elayna's idea for the tan line pattern was something very geometric, very clean. We also envisioned color blocking with the lipstick and nail color, so we played around with the same shape of the tan lines on the nails as well. Elayna mapped out the lines on Roarie's skin and proceeded to tan her within an inch of her life. LOL The results were so gorgeous. The lines you see on Roarie's skin is her actual skin color in comparison to the tan Elayna did on her. I put the pics that made it into the magazine on my facebook page, , here are some of the pics that didn't make the issue.

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