Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Beauty Shooting, Guerilla Style

So this morning, I was so not feeling my day job. I was in a creative type of mood and could feel the walls closing in on me at work. Of course I took to Facebook and expressed my restlessness. Chantel Hyden suggested we use my lunch  hour to shoot. An hour? Yeah right. But then I got to thinking, and then I got excited, and then I was like *shrugs* why not? I sent out a mass text trying to find a model who was available last minute and who was down to do something crazy but fun. Marissa answered, and the lunacy began. I did a hasty run to my house for my camera, snatched an apple on the way out the door and beat feet back to work. When make-up was done, we hopped in my truck and went around the complex to a lake that I used to eat lunch by. I pulled up, popped the brake, and we jumped out. Luckily for me, not so much for my husband, I keep most of my stuff in the truck. My current obsession is my five in one. It's so awesome! Ten minutes later we piled back into the car and peeled out. I had to get back to work, you know. lol.. Anyway, there was no way we could have gotten more than two or three usable frames, right? Wrong. Marissa rocked it! She moved, and really gave me enough range so that the eighty frames I was able to squeeze out really counted. I had a hard time choosing which ones to edit. :) Here's what I chose, and I gotta say. THAT ISH WAS FUN! I love photography!!!!!

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