Monday, June 27, 2011

What to do on a rainy Sunday

So while summertime in florida is beaches and barbeques, it's also hurricane season. So every now and then you'll find yourself stuck indoors with a little rain. Sunday, I found myself catching up on edits, and playing around with some editing techniques I learned from the internet. Deviant Art is an awesome sight for photoshop tricks. I recently did a shoot with Cristin that I called 'Set Adrift'. I edited it, the way I normally do, and really loved the shots. Well, after spending an hour or two surfing deviant art, I decided to try a couple of things. Here are the results. I think they're pretty and I love 'em. Not quite the mermaid story we were searching for, but still a tale of whimsy. :) A perfect fit for my current mood.

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