Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A rare flower in the gardens

So last weekend I did portraits at the botanical gardens at USF here in Tampa, and what a blast. One of my husband's coworkers wanted to shoot in her traditional Indian attire, i.e colorful saris and the like. I decided that I wanted to shoot at the botanical gardens, cause, I mean, with all the colors in the garments, what better place to shoot. Archana was so great, very open to try anything, and the resulting pics are really beautiful. It's always fun to work with someone who's not a traditional model, but is still able to emote, and sell a shot. It was definitely a pleasure to work with such an expressive person. With a visiting childhood friend giving helpful poses and suggestions, we had a blast, and was rewarded with some beautiful portraits. Here are some of the shots from our shoot.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for choosing me to pose for your portfolio. I hope to do this again. I had fun and you are amazing photographer. I am happy that I said YES to you and also, thank you for allowing me to wear what I wanted too.
    Good Luck to u.